experimenting with gouache and digital

good old school illustration techniques mixed with some digital. I started  using gouache again a few months ago for the first time after many years, it feels very relaxing:)

Excited to be at CTN this year!

Thanks to Tina Price for inviting me this year as a panelist to this convention that I've been attending as a member of the audience for quite a few years. It's an honor to be among such an incredible list of panelists.
I'll be also part of RovioAnimation's AngryBirdsMovie panel.

Friday November 18

01:00 PM -- 01:45 PM Conversations with Creators Conversation with Creators with Francesca Natale 
1) Francesca Natale, Character Designer  
Parlor 129 Conversations Creators

03:00 PM -- 04:30 PM Booksigning Francesca Natale 
1) Francesca Natale 
Booksigning Area Table 03 (Hotel Lobby) 

Saturday November 19

06:30 PM -- 07:15 PM Presentation A Character Design Conversation 1) Bobby Chiu  MODERATOR
2) Boris Bakliza  
3) Daniel Arriaga  
4) Florian Satzinger  
5) Francesca Natale  
6) David Pimentel  
Talent-opolis Center Stage 

Sunday November 20

12:00 PM -- 01:30 PM Booksigning "Angry Birds: The Art of the Angry Birds Movie" Booksigning Area Table 01 

1) Jerry Beck MODERATOR
2) Johnny Rice 
3) Francesca Natale  
4) Pete Oswald 
5) Pete Nash 

You can find CTN's overall schedule is here

ROBIN HOOD project

I've worked on a personal take on the Robin Hood characters for a Kickstarter book project (Masters of Anatomy).
Here are a selection of concepts created before getting to the final designs for the book. They show a bit of my process when trying to nail the character for the story I have to tell. When I started I was looking for an interesting twist to it within the given limitations. Not an easy thing to achieve as it has been seen so many times. The moment I found my angle I worked out character personalities and ultimately the style I thought was appropriate for the tone. It has been a fun exercise considering the small scale of the project,  and I like some of the characters that came out of it.

My "rockstar experience" at the italian Premiere of THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE in ROME!:D

Thanks so much to the terrific Italian team at Warner Bros , Sony and Cristiana Caimmi Press for having me helping out promoting our movie in Italy! I had a blast! The opportunity to be on TV with Vincenzo Mollica at the news on our national channel in primetime and the chance to be part of a radio show live for an hour have been a dream come true for me:)

Thanks also to all the journalists  for being so kind and interested in my professional experience too as an italian artist working abroad.

Here are a few moments from the press conference at Warner Bros in Rome just before the premiere. 

In Italy our movie is still # 1 at the box office!

The Hatchlings! The mascottes of our movie

Below there is a brand new short that will be in theaters screening just before the Angry Birds Movie.
I had lots of fun designing these little characters and I'm amazed by how much love they are getting from the audience:) Enjoy!

and here is also another pig from early deleopment:

An army of pigs and a flock of birds are landing in Italy!! Angry Birds Il Film arriva in Italia il 15 Giugno. Showing more artwork here:)

Some drawings to show how I transformed the Angry Birds  from the mobile game design to the characters that we see in the movie. More coming!!

The development of Red as a final design and CG look took a lot of work and time. I'll describe the process  in a separate post:)

HAL: character design evolution from the mobile game to the movie screen

This is a progression of drawings that shows how I transformed the character HAL in THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE from the one the mobile game to a character that could perform and entertain an audience in the theater for two hours. 

Below is a 2d short that came out last month. and in wich Hal (Anthony Padilla) and Bubbles (Ian Hecox) have an existential crisis. ahha love these guys, enjoy!

More characters coming!


These are designs created for the Mighty Eagle 2d sequence. It was refreshing for me to work on a character that was going to be animated in 2d rather than translated in CG. For this sequence I pitched  to Directors and producers an Art Deco spin on the look of the character to amplify the sense of strength and dynamism of the caricatured Mighty Eagle that we need to visualize.
Luckily everybody liked it and got into production.
Here are some poses developed from the boards and some early character exploration of the 2d Mighty Eagle (background by Pete Oswald). Pete's background paintings were very inspiring to work with.
The illustration in the previous post is the image sold the Art Deco spin concept.

The Angry Birds Movie. Designs and art of book sneak peek

Such exciting times!Our movie is #1 in America so far and we are at the second week of release the upcoming weekend. Here are a few designs I did while Art Directing the Characters on the film. I'll start posting more regularly now that there is more time available.

And here is a Vimeo Link to a sneak peek of The art of The Angry Birds Movie book.


Panel and signing book event happening Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles on Saturday June 4th 2016. See you there!

NEW: character Sketches from a project I worked on

for a book that got financed through kickstarter: Character Design Masterclass
I did many different designs for these characters before landing somewhere I was happy about.
The big guy is the one is going to be in the book in full color.
I had lots of fun on this project and I'm looking forward to see what other designers did!

Angry Birds Movie Official theatrical trailer: finally out:)

can't wait people to watch our movie!

The 3 wise monkeys print

I'm taking part to a small collective art exhibition here in Vancouver with this print. It was great fun working on it:)
Just mail me if you would like to get a copy. There are also other colors available and it is printed on heavy watercolor paper.
more illustrations coming!


I'll be part of this supercool book together with 130 artists. Some of them being my favorite designers in the industry. Its a massive volume with more than 1000 original character designs.  So Exciting! All the artists are designing characters for a great classic story: Robin Hood.
It's a great artbook to have for those who love character design. Check all the project's details here on the Masters of Anatomy website. The Kickstarter will take off on November 17th

Character design process: observational sketches

Another precious practice to help designing interesting characters is sketching from life. Lately I had the chance to do it more often and I love it:) And when I don't have the time to do much I try to squeeze in at least one drawing a day. It takes just a few minutes and it is an excellent habit.

A little video sample of part of my design process

This is just one way I like to go sometimes to find my characters. It's a great way to find fresh ideas. It helps me to avoid falling in my design habits. I draw a scribble on the page, or ask somebody else to do it, and then I look for interesting character shapes in it.
I find this technique a great exercise to do and lots of fun to practice.
I will use then these concept drawings as a start for further  exploration of the character.