The Book Of Life is among the contenders for the Oscar 2015 as best animated feature :D!

Really enjoyed working on the designs of Director Jorge Gutierrez for his beautiful and bold film. Here are some samples from the art-book.

Current project

Finally the Angry Birds Movie first look image was released a few days ago:D I've been working on the characters for this film from early concept to final look/cg translation as as Character Designer and Character Art Director. I love this project:) much work and energy put in it by all our artists:) I feel extremely lucky to be working with such talented directors and teams at Rovio and Sony Pictures Imageworks. The movie is getting a stellar cast!
Check it out:

Instagram and Tumblr accounts are on

Just set up these two accounts as I noticed many artists are using them to share their art:)
As I have  less time available these days to sit at the computer after work, Instagram seems so far the easiest way to post the recent sketches.
I added the link here on the sidebar in case anybody wants to connect there. Thanks for visiting

playing around with an oldie

I played around with an old design and pushed it a bit more. I like to to through this kind of process to find a character :)

here is the older take:

another crusader!

I have not posted for so long  'cause of lack of time for my job
Finally, here is another piece for my sketchbook :)

yay!! Go Jorge!!:D

Need to post this:
great filmaker and producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez speak about their movie The Book of Life at Comicon !

Goooo teaaaam!
Can't wait to be able to show the work I did for this film:)

Yoji Shinkawa painting live

I love his technique in here! Very inspirational work. Makes me want to get in to painting on canvas as soon as I can!

"The Book Of Life" trailer is finally out!! Looking gorgeous!

sharing the trailer of this beautiful film I worked on last year with lots of enthusiasm :) To all the amazing artists at ReelFx and to Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equina (creators) I wish the best of luck with all my heart  as this film is such a pearl and deserves to do great in theaters! Can't wait to watch it in October

Another cinematographer that I love: Roger Deakins

I love digging around looking for video interviews to get the sense of the person behind the art I love.  It has been very interesting and such a pleasure to listen to Roger Deakins talking about cinema in the videos I found here and there. I figured I'd share my fav ones as I've gone over his shots to observe them so many times.
I discovered him through the Coen Brothers films (which are the ones he is best known for ), then I started following him through other productions he has been involved in ( The Shawshank Redemption, The assassination of Jesse James...just to name a couple).  
It was interesting to discover that he has been consulting for animated movies too (Wall-e, How to train your Dragon, Rango..). Hope this post can be a reason for some people to get inspired and go discovering more about this amazing cinematographer:)

Absolut London - Jamie Hewlett. Inspiring stuff

Just discovered a very cool advertising campaign for Abolut Vodka by Jamie Hewlett. Always liked Jamie's character work. Check it out! Inspiring

They created video for each character.

first post of 2014!

since I got such a nice response for the Templar knights I'm showing around for my sketchbook project, I figured I'd start the new year with a bonus knight.
HAPPY 2014 and may all your knights be merry!

The Book Of Life teaser poster

I just bumped into this teaser poster online:) It was released a while ago but I feel like saying a few words here because I really LOVE this project, and looking back I feel lucky to have been involved with it. I contributed to the making of this exciting film as a character designer this year. It has been  such a pleasure and  inspiration to work on it!  Sara and Jorge's designs and overall vision for the film are truly incredible and I wish them and the crew  all the success that they deserve.
The movie will come out in October 2014. Can't wait to see it!!

If you haven't had the chance to read about the project yet, here are a few very informative links:

oldie but goodie

too busy these days to draw something new, so here are some designs from a while ago that I still like. Again, some development for a film that got shelved:)

still liking this!

posting a quick concept I did a while ago for a film in development


some gesture drawings . I watched lots of videos to study the cheetah. Such an amazing cat!

"Ronald Searle in America" exibition . My contribution to the fundraising

Story artist Matt Jones ( ) is organizing an exhibition in San Francisco on the work of Ronald Searle in America. Matt has maintained a Searle "tribute" blog since 2006( ), which is an extremely rich source of information and inspiration for every Searle's art lover.
Now,  most of the pieces that he is gathering for the upcoming exhibition are unseen and It will be the first time that Ronald's work  will get exposed in California!

I feel very honored to be in the group of artists that was asked to contribute with one piece to the fundraising that will help out the organization of the exhibition, which is truly a labor of love.
This is my tribute to Ronald Searle's crazy St. Trinian's characters:) . It's ink and pen on heavy weight vellum.
and it was lots of fun to work on this. Thanks Matt!!

If you want to know more about this great initiative check out the blog! There are soo many great artists that are helping out! Great contributions!

Templari for my sketchbook project

These are from a while back and are part of a sketchbook I'm hoping to complete within the end of the year. I feel very lucky being working on some great film projects these days, but at the same time I'm always dreaming of completing my own personal project too. Fingers crossed!

Inspiring Ian McCaig interview

I often listen at  music or  podcasts when I'm drawing or painting. Today  I started with this  interview which  made me appreciate even more the art of Ian McCaig. Of course I knew well his great  drawings, but I didn't knew how much of  a truly inspirational person and sincere visual storyteller he is. Check it out!

from pirates to mafia guys

sketching from scribbles even today! I'm trying to use these scribbles as daily warm ups. I'm shooting to have 3 good ones a week...let's see how it goes !


another sketch from a scribble for Cup o' doodle
I told to myself not to draw pirates for a while but this one just sneaked in


I have many projects in the works and I use Instagram/Twitter to send the WIPs out to friends to get their reactions and feedback. I figured I posted the pics here too. I like the format and it will be nice to see the differences between these versions and the final ones:)

The beautiful "Le vagabond de StMarcel", short film

A few days ago a friend suggested me to take a look at this short film and I LOVED it. Some great talent here. Enjoy!