"Ronald Searle in America" exibition . My contribution to the fundraising

Story artist Matt Jones ( http://mattjonezanimation.blogspot.it/ ) is organizing an exhibition in San Francisco on the work of Ronald Searle in America. Matt has maintained a Searle "tribute" blog since 2006( http://ronaldsearle.blogspot.it/ ), which is an extremely rich source of information and inspiration for every Searle's art lover.
Now,  most of the pieces that he is gathering for the upcoming exhibition are unseen and It will be the first time that Ronald's work  will get exposed in California!

I feel very honored to be in the group of artists that was asked to contribute with one piece to the fundraising that will help out the organization of the exhibition, which is truly a labor of love.
This is my tribute to Ronald Searle's crazy St. Trinian's characters:) . It's ink and pen on heavy weight vellum.
and it was lots of fun to work on this. Thanks Matt!!

If you want to know more about this great initiative check out the blog! There are soo many great artists that are helping out! Great contributions!

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