The Book Of Life teaser poster

I just bumped into this teaser poster online:) It was released a while ago but I feel like saying a few words here because I really LOVE this project, and looking back I feel lucky to have been involved with it. I contributed to the making of this exciting film as a character designer this year. It has been  such a pleasure and  inspiration to work on it!  Sara and Jorge's designs and overall vision for the film are truly incredible and I wish them and the crew  all the success that they deserve.
The movie will come out in October 2014. Can't wait to see it!!

If you haven't had the chance to read about the project yet, here are a few very informative links:


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Tim Hatcher said...

Francesca, I am currently working as an animator on The Book of Life, and cannot find enough superlative words to describe the character designs. I've been a computer animator for 15 years and it isn't often that I am this excited by a project. The originality, the artistry, the vast spectrum of body types, the depth of THOUGHT in every's a constant source of delight and inspiration each day I get to go to work. I applaud the work that you and all the other designers have brought to this most delicious of productions.