Another cinematographer that I love: Roger Deakins

I love digging around looking for video interviews to get the sense of the person behind the art I love.  It has been very interesting and such a pleasure to listen to Roger Deakins talking about cinema in the videos I found here and there. I figured I'd share my fav ones as I've gone over his shots to observe them so many times.
I discovered him through the Coen Brothers films (which are the ones he is best known for ), then I started following him through other productions he has been involved in ( The Shawshank Redemption, The assassination of Jesse James...just to name a couple).  
It was interesting to discover that he has been consulting for animated movies too (Wall-e, How to train your Dragon, Rango..). Hope this post can be a reason for some people to get inspired and go discovering more about this amazing cinematographer:)

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